Meet Our Instructors

Madison Patterson

Artistic Director

Madison Patterson is the Artistic Director for En-Vigorate, LLC. As Artistic Director, she creates the curriculum for classes and manages/trains employees. This includes research and development of classes to fit the needs of the participants, overseeing training of employees, and leading classes.

Madison has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the College of Charleston, and has 10+ years of teaching, performing, and choreography experience in dance. She has taught at two dance studios in the past 10 years and has performed and choreographed for the College of Charleston while obtaining her Bachelors Degrees. She is currently working on her Masters in School Counseling from Mercer University.

Patricia McGinty

Director of Operations

Patricia McGinty is the Director of Operations for En-Vigorate, LLC. As Director, she oversees the financial management and business operations. This includes overseeing HR / staffing, membership services, business partnerships, and communications.

She has been a consultant and marketing strategist for leading private and public professional service companies from Big 4 accounting / consulting to small business entrepreneurial firms. Industries served include: consumer services, financial services, energy / utilities, real estate and insurance.