It’s never too late to En-Vigorate your lifestyle with movement and dance!

It's Never Too Late

Exercise is important at any age. For seniors, it’s vitally important to maintain your strength, balance and independence. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies show that participating in routine exercise enables seniors of all genders to live longer, healthier and more positive lives. Our goal at En-Vigorate is to increase cardiovascular activity, balance, flexibility and create a fun environment for adults to get active.


Don’t want to get in the car and drive to the gym or don’t like to exercise alone? These are some of the top reasons people don’t join or stay engaged in a fitness program.

En-Vigorate’s classes are designed to be fun with music and moves to motivate and improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and cardio level. Class is offered on-site at your residential facility that is geared towards all fitness levels. No special skills necessary! Just go downstairs and join your fellow residents for an engaging hour led by an experienced instructor.

Our Philosophy

With an emphasis on movement, fun, and community, En-Vigorate promotes individual physical and mental well-being.

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