Our Method

Each class at En-Vigorate follows a general model of warm up, stretching, group movement, and cool down. Classes can be modified by the instructor to meet the needs of class participants.  They can speed it up or slow it down and/or show individuals how to modify moves. Our instructors are trained and proficient in working with seniors and helping them to reach their goals in a safe and fun environment. We incorporate dance, yoga, and zumba elements into each of our classes at a pace that is “just right”.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warm up, cool down is very important for exercise performance and health.  Both involve doing exercise at a lower intensity and pace before increasing your activity.  Not skipping these important steps aids in muscle and heart rate recovery and prevents injuries and soreness.

Stretching and Alignment

Stretching and proper alignment are an integral throughout the class by working different muscles and strengthening as well as promoting balance. Establishing alignment before movement allows for more freedom and mobility as well as prevents injuries. 

Group Movement

Is a core component of the class which incorporates dance, yoga, and zumba elements to music. This is a great way to get light cardiovascular exercise into your everyday routine in an exciting and safe way.